Dottie & I will be in the states August 26thuntil September 26th. If you are interested in having us please contact Debbie Hyatt.

Dottie was ill all night & is still feeling poorly. We need your prayers!

One Tn. Team left & a large Arkansas team arrived. The other Tn team had lunch for our women staff and dinner for the men.


10/12/2000  The bellhop at the fancy hotel came to talk to me. It as hot but he was wearing a long sleeve shirt. He told me that he had been part of a gang since he was 11 years old. He got saved in his 30s and was married with two children. When he is not working he is preaching on the streets. He has been threatened many times because the gang members who get saved leave the gangs.

He asked if he could come talk to my boys so of course I agreed. That night he showed up with 5 other men. When he stood up to talk all 5 men came to the front with him. They proceeded to remove their shorts and pants. Each man asked a boy to come forward and count the bullet holes and the knife scars where they had been wounded. One man had 26 bullet holes. Needless to say this caught our boy’s attention very quickly.

A number of boys gave their lives to Jesus that night. Two weeks later a home made bomb was thrown into his church while he was preaching. Later his wife was approached by a number of gang members and they told her if he kept preaching she would-be gang raped. He took his family as well as other families to a village that I cannot disclose to anyone. He has a thriving church and a heart for Jesus as large as any I have ever known.

He sends me daily devotions from time to time.