#263 our story

We received a little girl during the night.

The visitors on one team painted fingernails with the younger girls and then the next age group. They also taught both groups some Jewish/Christian dances. The men provided ice cream for the boys.

Today a Guatemalan couple came to tell us her mother had suffered with renal disease and had dialysis. They brought us 8 bags of the dialysis liquid for our kids.

I want to emphasize that our focus is on Casa Genesis and that the new construction will not go forward until my board approves. We will only connect the commodes, etc. to cut down on the odor.

We have 17 girls in the university and 9 boys.

One team had water balloon fights with the children.


10/10. We have received 14 new children in 10days and while Dottie and I were in the city wrapping gifts the courts sent another 5 ages 2,5,7,9 & 11 years old.

10/12. The children took their last exams as we end the school year. The Guatemala school year is normally January 15thuntil November 1st. We had the main water line burst and it took us nearly all day to repair it.

10/13. Dottie and I have taken the 15 year old girls known as quinceaneras to a hotel for 3 days and 2 nights. It is a five star hotel. There are 15 girls who year15 this year. The way this happened is as follows:

Two years ago we took the girls to a cheap hotel due to cost. When we checked out the girls wanted to do something else so we took them to this large mall attached to the 5 star hotel. They asked if we could walk in the lobby of the hotel and when we entered we were immediately met by security who told us we could not be there since we were not guests.

However a bellhop walked up and asked me who all the girls were and when I told him he said, “Why don’t you bring them here to celebrate their birthdays?” I answered that it was too expensive. He told me to wait a moment and soon he returned with the owner of the hotel. When I told him my story he said, “I want you to bring the girls here to celebrate and I will charge you 35% of our normal rate”. So we have done that now for years.

The first time we went there which was 2001 they actually gave the girls a banquet in a private room. Wait until you read tomorrow’s update. You will be blessed and amazed.