#262 our story

Dr. Lou is speaking with the judges today to explain to them why the children with transplants need to remain at Casa due to the need of anti-rejection medicine. Little Alex is so sick and is losing the transplanted kidney.

We received 2 new children last night.

The team had pizza and games with the older girls.


10/2/2000. The elementary school began final exams today and the high school will start their exams in one week. I paid another $1000 to the electric company making it a total of $10,000 to have 3-phase installed.

10/3. A church brought hot dogs for lunch and by supper time we had 150 children ill. Only two had to be hospitalized. Ruebin, Estella and Laiza were all enrolled in the university. The school construction is proceeding well & with $16,000 we can finish it. Desks and school supplies have been shipped from Gulfport.

10/4. Last week we received 6 new children and yesterday the mother of the 6 kids went to court and attacked the judge with a knife. So the police accompanied me to the forensic labs to determine the extent of their abuse by this mother.

10/7.  We had to rent a large storage room in the city where we can go and wrap Christmas gifts and keep them until Christmas day. This way we can take 10 boys to wrap for girls and then 10 girls to wrap for boys which is what we did today. Sadly Steve was robbed in the city today. They stole his visa card and by the time he could contact Visa in the US the thieves had emptied his account.

10/8. Bob has a tractor and so he began box blading the property for the second phase of the new school. Received 5 children 9 months, 5,6,7 and 8 years old. Eric has hepatitis .  A mother came to our gate and wanted us to take her baby but without an order from a judge. She stayed all day at the gate. Finally we were able to get the police to bring her to the judge and get the necessary paperwork. That gives us 76 babies in the baby dorm. Steve and Sheryl are the house parents.