#261 our story

“Ask and you shall receive” God says so I am asking. We are hoping to have skilled teams that can hang sheetrock/drywall, finish and paint it in different bedrooms. Also we need carpenters that can build clothes cabinets for the older girls and older boys.

As I said earlier it is $750-$900 to do a room and about $125 per clothes cabinet. If you have a skilled team & want to help we ask you send the money to Debbie & we will have the supplies waiting.

We already have 3 rooms paid for.

CJ called & he is bringing a team to finish the plumbing in the Antony house.



9/10/2000. Dottie and I left early this morning for the USA.

9/11. I was operated on for cataracts and had contact lenses installed. In Guatemala the container crossed the river and arrived at Casa where the children unloaded it in little over an hour. The playground equipment was installed immediately and the joy of the baby dorm children could be heard all over the property.

9/13. My eyes are feeling better so we went Christmas shopping for the children so we can load a container to ship. In Guatemala the rains continue. The men called to tell me that a belt on a commercial dryer broke and asked if I could locate what we need. Melvin Tisdale, my pastor, came to visit me and helped choose a computer for Jorge for graduation. He wants to study medicine.

9/15. Independence Day in Guatemala so our school had a variety of activities. Dr. Pitts from Indiana arrived with a group of medical personnel so they plan on giving checkups to all of our children.  Our teens went to the home of the man who sells us bread and sang Happy Birthday to him. He is 79.

9/19. My eyes are really bothering me today so Dottie had to go Christmas shopping alone. My mother drove from Baton Rouge to spend a couple of days with us in Lake Charles, Celebrated her 78thbirthday. Cindy had her appendix removed while Fernanda was hit with a baseball bat and had to have stitches.

9/24. Returned to Guatemala to await the container.

9/25. Carlos and I went over his plans for the new school year. Construction of the new school is coming along very well. Steve was nearly involved in a major accident as a bus overturned in front of our home killing three and sending over 40 to the hospital.