#260 our story

Alex who had the kidney transplant and was sent home is now in kidney failure & will have to be placed on hemodialysis.

The team is painting the oldest building on campus. It was used to dry pears before we bought the land 28 years ago.

We have already received 2 donations to help clean the mold from dorm rooms and install new sheetrock, etc.

One team walked to San Bartolome’ to watch the little boys & girls play basketball. They also had a meal with their sponsored children.

In the mountains

9/1/2000. Dottie & I took the 16 sixth grade girls to the movies. We were so blessed as the large butane tank arrived for the baby dorm. Jerry C surprised us with a visit as he came to see the baby dorm, the new property, etc, and discuss with me the next steps. Liza began her practicum in tourism working at a tourist office in the city.

9/2. Reubin began his practicum today. It is interesting to note here that today is January 17, 2019 and both Reubin and ‘Liza live and work in the United States(legally). A policeman came by to ask me if I could help the police with babies of prostitutes who are abandoned.

9/3. We had a torrential downpour but the USA/Guatemala soccer match was on TV so the kids did not care about the weather. A group from Atlanta arrived.

9/4. Pastor David had a team arrived that will work on the hospital for Dr. Sergio. The First Lady called and asked me to go to her office. We had a long and I believe successful session as she really wants to help with the problem of street children. I am blessed that she trusts me.

9/6. Dottie took Estela to purchase her graduation gown. Regina and I went through the sponsor list and we have about 50 children without a sponsor. The rains have continued and that has slowed down the construction of our school.

9/8. Maria was robbed on a bus but was not harmed. Dottie and I took the children to lunch and to an arcade who had earned that privilege in school. The container left the port at midnight but encountered a river in which the bridge was washed out.