#259 our story

There was a very bad wreck in front of Casa as a truck was making a U-turn in front of an oncoming vehicle. Two ambulances took the injured to the hospital. I would imagine that the Department of Transportation will close the opening in front of our property.

The child who broke his arm 2 weeks ago finally returned to Casa. His arm was heavily damaged.

The Highpoint team had an art & painting activity with the older boys and girls.

The wreck at our front gate

8/23/2000. Dottie has had her heart broken a number of times in her life but today ranked as one of the worst. We received a baby, Luz, over a year ago and she has lived in our house with Dottie caring for her day and night. Today the judge sent Luz back to her family. They have 6 children and their source of

income is that the father stands in the street and washes windshields for about 20 cents each. We talked with the judge but she would not budge.

8/24. Carlos and Polly took over guardianship of the 9 to 12 year old girls upstairs in their dorm. Downstairs they care for the 13 to 16 year old girls. Dottie and I drove into the city and it was at a stand still as policemen as well as soldiers were making everyone get out of their cars and then the car was searched. We never did get an answer as to what they were looking for. When we returned home there were 4 boys waiting for us as they wanted to pray for salvation.

8/25. The electricity has been off two days. Thank God we have gas stoves and ovens. But that was no big problem as we baptized a total of 184 teens and children. I then made radio shows with a battery operated tape recorder.

8/28. I met with the First Lady and it was a productive meeting. Jenny broke her arm. Carlos, John and I took children to 3 different judges for hearings. A judge came to visit Minor who had been diagnosed as severely mentally retarded. She was amazed at his progress. Today as I type it is January 18, 2019. We adopted Minor and he graduated from college and is on staff here at Casa.

8/30. Dottie and I were called to court in Chimaltenango where the judge said, “I have just been appointed as a children’s judge. I heard that you were Christians and so am I. Would you pray for me?” This was like manna from heaven for Dottie and I.