#258 our story

The two teams that arrived yesterday are both from Tennessee. They had a scavenger hunt Sunday afternoon.

Benjamin came to show me his diploma from culinary school. He works at a steak house in Chimaltenango.


My granddaughter Susie

8/21/2000.  Six years ago a woman arrived from Mexico carrying a one year old child. The mother told me that she was a prostitute. She said, “I have had 7 children and ruined all of their lives. I heard about you on the streets of Tapachula so I have brought my daughter for you to raise”.

I told her we had to go to court so we did and the judge gave us the child. Now 6 years later she comes and asks is she can take the child with her for two weeks. Of course, I was going to say no when she said to me, “I promise that I will not practice my profession”. So I let her go.

Two weeks later the child came to my door and said, “My mother wants to see you at the gate”. I thought that he wanted to thank me. But when I arrived at the gate she was not dressed like a prostitute.

She grabbed me and said, “I am saved.” I was so excited so I asked her where she had gone to church and she told me, “I was asleep when my daughter climbed into my bed and told me that Jesus did not want me living like that nd she told me about Jesus”.

A year later I would look for her in order to give her a job. We found her working in a circus in Belize as a make-up artist for the clowns. This has been one of my greatest experiences in Guatemala.