#257 our story

Our oldest son, Tony, is 50 years old today.We went to his house for supper and his favorite cake that Dottie has cooked every year for as long as I can remember.

Our basketball teams won first, second and third place in San Bartolome’. So each age group placed in their division.

Many of our bed rooms are more than 20 years old and we have begun experiencing mold. We need to remove the sheetrock, spray the mold and then put new sheetrock and paint the room. We need approximately $500 for a room but, more than that, we need people who can do sheetrock work to please come and help us. The mold is unsafe for our children to breathe. Please pray about what you can do to help. This would be a great church project. In fact, if you want to do a project let us know so we can give you a price and what needs to be done.


Our basketball teams

8/13/2000 The Vacation Bible School is reaping great rewards as both teens and pre-teens are getting saved. I want to remind you that if you are sponsoring a child make sure to note the number behind their name. For instance we have over 15 boys named Carlos so we refer to them as Carlos 1, Carlos 2 and so on.

8/14. I went and changed money which is always a time of pressure. Over the years we have been robbed at gunpoint 5 times returning from the bank. We also have had three vehicles stolen by gunpoint also.

8/15. Debbie left this morning. Carlos and I took all of the A and B students to the movie.

8/17. I was called to court to bring three girls ages 17, 16 and 14 and the judge was very angry with me that I did not sit with them the 3½ hours the girls waited. After screaming and degrading me she gave me another child. I still have not gotten use to being degraded by judges.

8/18. A woman came with 12 day old twins. She traveled to our home from the Mexican border. We took them to court and they were placed here with us. Later a woman came carrying a dead little girl who had passed away suffering from hydrocephalus. She needed money to bury the girl so Dottie and I accompanied here to the proper authorities then bought a coffin and a site for the burial.