#256 our story

One team left for home this morning. Another team went with Alex A. to install water filters and the third team went to Antigua.

I had a morning meeting with the architect as we are unifying all of the land in the Santiago side of our property.

Our school participated in both a soccer tournament & basketball tournament in San Bartolome’.

A team arrived from The Woodlands, Tx giving us 120 visitors here tonight. 80 will leave tomorrow.

McDonald’s for the younger boys

8/7/2000. Two Indians came to offer to sell their two small plots of land that is adjacent to our school property. I did buy the land and if you have visited Casa you will know it is the large soccer field by our school.

8/8 Liza was on her way to school when her bus ran off the road and into a house. Liza was unhurt but two passengers were killed. We paid 75% of the cost of the property and will pay the rest when the paperwork is complete. My secretary arrived with her son Matt.

8/10 The rains are falling heavily but the Alabama team continues to stay busy building the walkways. Lorena was elected school queen in San Bartolome’ and that is the fifth queen in a row from Casa. The villagers are not too happy.

8/12 The men finished the walkway and began immediately working on the overhang for the older girl’s dorm. We also took the Christmas picture. Matt took an individual photo of each child so that Debbie can make a scrapbook.

8/13 Regina returned from the states after being there 6 weeks with her sick father. She and Debbie immediately began going through the list of all of the children as to who has and who does not have a sponsor. The children were able to pick pears and peaches on our new property.