#255 our story

The three teams did various jobs today.

Dottie and 2 of the visitors worked on her flower garden.

We had visitors from Telemedicine in Georgia.

The team provided Chinese food for all of the boy’s dorm except Cometas who had McDonalds.


8/1/2000. Mount Pacaya erupted. Dr. Franklin’s team was on an outreach and while they were driving an 18 wheeler hit a woman who was walking. Dr. Buck saved her life. Then one of the nurses had her appendix rupture but emergency surgery saved her life.

8/2 Rodney and Rhonda came with their team from Escatawpa, Mississippi. They brought 70 suitcases of VBS material. Many children would receive Christ before this vacation Bible school would end. Two well-dressed men came with papers that did not look legal. They claimed to be lawyers who were given permission to find a girl. I called the judge and he said it was a lie so I called the police and the men immediately ran to their car and left.

8/3 One of our teachers fell and broke her knee cap. Pastor Chuck preached in my place. The children love hearing American pastors preach the Word. The medical team began examinations on all of the children. The Woodlands, Texas team arrived so we have over 100 visitors here ministering to the children.

8/5 Two of the teams left and the Bill Hood team from Alabama arrived. They will be building covered walkways between dorms.  8/6. Curtis’s team from Mississippi arrived and will be doing electrical work throughout the property.

8/6. It was a beautiful Sunday. But while I was preaching two people began to laugh uncontrollably. I had them leave the service and when I spoke to them after the service they were not repentant so I asked them to leave.

In all my years here there has only been 3 instances where I have asked someone to leave. Once Dottie asked a woman to leave as she was being far too familiar with one of our older boys.