#254 our story

One of the teams that are here was scheduled to go to Haiti but the violence was so bad in Haiti they could not go.

We experienced a strong hail and rain storm last night.

The women took Angie to Antigua for dinner to celebrate her birthday.

I want you to pray about a need we currently have. Many of our buildings are 20 years old & the mold behind the sheetrock is prevalent. We figure that about $500 we can replace the sheet rock & remove the mold. I would appreciate it if you would consider sponsoring one room.

Angie dedicated her new Montessori  classroom.

Swift Creek had tie dye shirts for 5 dorms.


The girls sweeping the water out of the blue building and cleaning all the drains.

7/27/2000. The Alabama team helped us wrap Christmas gifts. We received two new teenage girls who immediately told us that the policemen who drove them to Casa sexually abused them. In less than an hour two social workers accompanied by two policemen arrived. They spoke to the girls and then immediately had the guilty policemen arrested. Jorge was voted the model student in the same school where Estella receive the same honor last year.


7/28. Alex and Sarah now have lights, new cabinets, paneling as well as sinks and commode all provided by the team visiting. The team leaves tomorrow. I was so excited as the bank wanted $65,000 for the property but accepted my offer of $45,000. God is good. My desire is to build dorms for high school and college boys and girls. I took the older children to church at Prince of Peace in Chimaltenango. While I did that Billy had services with the younger children.


7/29. Carlos and Polly had a game night for all of the children. Dr. Buck and a Mississippi team of 23 arrived from Gulf Port in the morning. The evening flight brought us Cristine and 30 vacation Bible school teachers from Biloxi, Mississippi.


7/30. I will have to have eye surgery due to cataracts.