#253 our story

We received triplets today along with their 2 siblings and all 5 are in the baby dorm.

The boy who fell out of bed breaking his elbow and his forearm had surgery last Friday and is had surgery again today. It appears to have been successful. He was jumping from one bunk bed to another when he fell.

Two teams went on an outreach and the other team is helping us here on campus.


July 17, 2000. Changed money and then bought propane. Banking in Guatemala is a dangerous proposition. Over the years Dottie & I would be robbed at gunpoint 5 times. We even had Pastor Dave robbed on our property when he returned from the bank. One of the robberies took place when Dottie got out of the car to open the gate. We were returning from the bank. They held us at gunpoint and told Dottie to hand them her purse. Dottie said, “Please just take the money and leave my purse with my driver’s license”. They did!  Luis had his appendix removed.


7/18 The Tennessee team left early for the airport. We poured a concrete pad for the huge propane tank. Two more children had their appendixes removed. Doctors are telling us that children in the villages sleep and eat in dirt & they believe that is where the parasite is coming from.


7/21. Bill B and his Alabama team arrived. Billy shared the Word with the children and 4 got saved. Carlos and David took 42 honor roll students to the city for lunch. The group began constructing cabinets for Polly and a laundry for David.


7/23. Our boys beat last year’s state champions 5-0 so they are this year’s champions. I met with the owner of another large piece of property that  adjoins our property. Another Alabama team arrived.


7/26. David preached in the morning. The teams have installed the lights on the new soccer field. Fred ministered to the children in the evening.