#252 Our Story

The children will begin taking their first semester tests the following Monday so most of them are in their dorms studying. At least I hope so.

The Maryland team had lasagna for the older boys.

A team from Texas arrived so we have 3 teams here.

There is one boy here who has an emotional problem & needs your prayers as he even talks of suicide.

I gave my testimony. There are over 100 visitors here.

Paola graduated from technical college. We are proud of her.

Paola with her diploma

7/13/2000. Remember yesterday that the mayor told me that if I could pay $10,000 and our boys would help dig then the village would put a sewer line behind our house. I went home sad because I did not have the money. An hour later the phone rang and it was a rice farmer from Louisiana. He said, “Mike, I cannot talk long because my tractor is running in the front yard but I was praying for you and God said you needed $10,000. Why?”  When I told him he said, “Go back to the village and tell the mayor you have the money. I will send it today.”

7/14. We visited with Melvin & Clo then went to minister in Effie at Macedonia Baptist Church. In Guatemala Billy had another praise service and this time there were 31 saved. We will have a water baptism when Dottie & I return.

7/15.  Twenty-six children have chicken pocks. Carlos preached at our church in Chimaltenango so he brought the 39 children who were saved to present them to our church. Marleny had her appendix removed. Seems to be an epidemic.

7/16. Preached at Revival Center with the Holtons. Years ago when I was a pastor in Lake Charles I received a letter that read, “We are leaving the church because you only love rich people.” Two hours later a man called and said, “We are leaving the church because you only love poor people”. I was so saddened and confused so I called Brother Holton to come to my house. When he arrived I told him of he phone call and the letter and asked him, “Howard, how do you please people?” Without hesitation he answered, “Mike, please God and you will please the right people”.