The Maryland team is working on the girl’s bathroom.

I want to remind you that we need someone to come and stay in Vencedores, the middle boy’s dorm, from May 27thuntil June 27th. Please pray even if you cannot come for the total time.

We had staff Bible study.


Getting close to finishing our latest church


7/1/2000. Dottie & I went to three different Christian book stores. Our staff took our children to the zoo. Three new children arrived whose father was abusive. The children were 17, 16 & 11 but we did not have beds. When Steve told the judge that he screamed, “What do you want me to do, let them sleep in the streets? So Steve bought 3 new beds.

7/2 Our soccer team won again and are tied for first in state. Both our girls and boys are in first place. Meanwhile Dottie and I attended a Family Life reunion where we saw so many people from the past. Pastor Francis and Babs were truly honored. In the PM we preached at the Lighthouse in Eunice. Steve also said the children were cleaning the new property out of shear excitement.

7/3 The mother of Alexander, terrible abuse, went to court and got permission to take him back. However, the very next day a neighbor saw the mother dragging him by the hair. The neighbor snatched him up and went to court and they sent him back to Casa.

7/4 Rubin, Sebastian and Billy are doing the preaching while I am in the USA. These are three super teenage boys. Carlos called to tell me that 5 of the hardest hearted boys received Christ yesterday. He and Polly are doing a great job with those boys ages 9-13. Our electric bill hit $7000 last month.

7/5 Dottie and I were driving on I-10 near Baton Rouge on the section that goes across the Atchafalaya Basin when we ran out of gas. A policeman stopped and drove me to BR where I bought gas in a 5 gallon can. Then the policeman called a state trooper going in the opposite direction. He drove me to Lafayette where a 3rdstate trooper drove me back to my car.

7/7 Billy, a teenager, had a praise time with the children and seven teens gave their hearts to Jesus.