#249 our story

I have received contact from different plumbers so I want to than you for contacting us. CJ will be coming to help us. Our bank account is nearly zero for the dialysis building so we will finish the plumbing and wait on God.

An elderly Guatemalan woman who lives in the area and is very poor came & gave Billy $100 for the children. God’s love!!


6/22/2000. Knowing that a child is returning to a dangerous situation is so very heart breaking. Today a judge sent a baby back to an alcoholic family. I refused to give them the child and drove to court to talk to the judge. She said that the woman was an aunt so the mother will not have access to the child. But we know that the mother and this aunt live in the same dwelling. I just do not understand how the court thinks.


6/24. Today we held our first disciplinary session with the older children serving as judges. They came down very hard on bad behavior and lectured the guilty kids. It was a success. I had to take a 12 year old girl to the forensics office to determine whether she was sexually abused or not. The results proved it to be true so the father and uncle were arrested.


6/25. We have 26 children with chicken pocks. The courts asked me to write them an explanation of Biblical discipline. At least they are trying to understand our principles.


6/28 We are in the USA and picked up my mom to take her to the World War II exhibition in New Orleans. Her brother fought on Iwo Jima and Okinawa. It affected him all of his life. Back in Guatemala Steve was asked by a judge to take 3 teenagers and when he told him that we had no beds the judge screamed “Do you want them to sleep in the streets”. Very rude! Steve bought beds!