We ask that you be praying as we will have need of dorm parents for Doncillas next year. Our contract with Ezdras & Marlin was for 2 years. Please pray about coming and being parents of the teenage girls.

If you desire a work project at Casa please help us by raising the money needed for materials. Greg knows what he is doing. You can contact Oscar or Christine to get a price to adopt a room. If you send the money a month in advance we will have all of the material on site & ready to go. We have carpentry projects to do.

Two more teams arrived.


Billy and Olga with Dottie and me

8/18.  The high school received their report cards while Estella presented her dissertation in the city. Dottie and I attended. Judge Harvey and his wife arrived. Steve and Sheryl returned from their few days off resting.

8/19. Steve took the boys who have been helping him to a water park on the coast. A husband/wife missionaries were robbed in Antigua so the came to tell us and ask our advice. When you are robbed you need to file a number of reports so you can get a new passport, drivers license, government identity papers and of course cancel credit cards and bank information.

8/20. I preached on water baptism since next weekend we will water baptize over 150 children. The vacation Bible schools over the summer were so successful in bringing children to Jesus. 258 our story