#248 our story

Today we received 3 new children. God has answered my prayers that the courts would send more children & over the last 2 months we have received dozens of new children.

We will need emergency help May 27 to June 27 because Mike and Amber will be going to the states for their vacation. So we need two couples or individuals to help us because Don & Lizzi will be leaving for 3 weeks in the middle of May. Both dormitories are boys. Cometas are the younger boys and Vencedores are for the middle ages of 10 to 14.

Please pray about this as we do not have extra folks here to cover those dorms. Also this is a time when we have many visitors and so our staff will be very busy. We are so short of staff. No extra hands!

If you are considering the mission field this would be a great time to spend a month in a dorm and see what God says.

The Maryland team arrived.

Sebastian with Dottie and me.


6/13. There was a huge rainstorm that filled the rivers so quickly that two major bridges collapsed with 4 people drowning. Dozens of villages are in knee deep water. This affected us also because the container at the port cannot get here and we have teams working who need these supplies. Therefore we switched gears and the Georgia team is doing crafts with the children and the Louisiana team is wrapping gifts and also having VBS in the evenings.

6/14. A gasoline truck was speeding and lost control before slamming into a bridge and exploding. The traffic now is unbelievable and when we took the team to the airport it was a 3 hour trip. Pastor Melvin with John to Chichi to meet and minister to some of the village pastors.

6/15 Our daughter, Crissy, had an emergency appendectomy. I began paying each employee an extra month’s salary which is the law in Guatemala. This is also done in December as well as vacation pay.

6/17/2000. I met with the property owner and we signed the paperwork. So immediately we began clearing the property in order to build the school. We had a visit from members of a church we built in Tecpan. They wanted to come and pray for the children and our staff. The Georgia group got prayed for also and in the evening they performed skits and music with the children.

6/18 LSU won the college world series so I am happy. Steve left at 3am to drive to the port and get the container. The news was announced today that 18 judges were removed and another 19 indicted. The government announced that 46% of the rural areas are in danger to the rains causing sewer runoff into the drinking water.

6/20. The staff met with 27 of the oldest children to ask them what offenses committed by the children deserved punishment and what would they consicer the proper punishment. The teens had some very good ideas one if which we will begin immediately. They suggested we have a court with seven judges to hear each child’s case and assign the punishment.