#246 our story

Our multi-media system went out completely.

Last night 15 children gave their lives to Jesus.One them who was saved was the young boy who was beaten so badly.

A seminary will be sending ministers every two weeks through October to minister to our children.

This is the student who painted the mural

5/25. What a wonderful day! The First Lady was so lovely. She shared with us that she knew all about us because she had people looking into our story and the history of Casa. She had planned on staying 30 minutes but instead she stayed 2 ½ hours and had lunch with Dottie and me. She signed autographs for the children and had her photo taken with dozens of kids. She asked if she could have her photograph taken with Dottie and me. We would end the day with all of the children ages 6 and younger sleeping in the baby dorm for the first time. The name of the dorm is estrellitas which means the little stars.

5/26. We received an 11 year old boy with 2 broken legs. He was riding on the top of a bus and fell. We received a 10 month old Down’s Syndrome child. As you may know Dottie and my third child who died was Down’s syndrome. On of the soldiers who guarded the First Lady sent me a note thanking me for helping the children. That was so kind of him.

5/27. We do not know why but today a bus driver and a Japanese tourist were hanged. They were lynched and then burned. It appeared that the villagers thought that the tourist was trying to take a child. One of the untruths that the villagers believe is fact is that foreigners harvest organs from children to sell in other countries

5/28. Sheryl is so overworked that we had to take her to a hospital. I hired 3 Indian women to help Sheryl in the baby dorm.  5/30. An African-American showed up at our home. He was working in Panama and was at the Guatemala border with El Salvador where he was attacked and beaten severely. The attackers even removed the gold from his teeth. Bob’s father passed away in Mississippi so Bob left for a couple of weeks.