#245 our story

Today was visiting day for the non-abusive parents.

\We had church services in the evening.

Alex who had a transplant and was sent home is not doing well. He now has high blood pressure & diabetes. Dr. Lou says he has about 4 months to live. The parents do not understand the necessity of anti-rejection medicines. This is why I was emotional yesterday.

We cannot and will not go forward without sufficient funds my board will approve.

Aroldo has been asked by Dr.Lou to teach the technicians in the hospital what he does here because it is working. Please pray with me for a financial miracle. Our hearts ache!

Michelle our special needs child is 25 years old.


5/14/2000   We visited with my mother in Baton Rouge for Mother’s Day then drove to Orange, Tx where we ministered at Calvary’s purchase. 5/15 Last day of shopping! Steve called to tell me we had received 12 children since we went to the states: Two mentally retarded, one with club foot, one hanging by her hair in a tree, one sexually abused and seven others.

5/20. The First Lady called and will be here next week to dedicate the baby dorm. We received three children ages 12, 3 and 9. Everyone began working extra hard to get the baby dorm ready for the 1stlady.

5/21. All of the staff went out for dinner and when we returned the children were yelling that a boy had run away. David found him asleep on the floor of the bathroom.

5/22 We officially opened the baby dorm as Steve and Sheryl moved into the apartment there. They will make great parents for those young children. Jonathon and Robin moved into the older girl’s dorm. Two classrooms and an upstairs bedroom were tiled today in the baby dorm. Today was the first time the courts sent us a teenage girl with a baby. Herb fell off a ladder onto cement flooring. It knocked unconscious and he needed stitches.

5/24. At 9pm the military team that protects the First Lady arrived and will stay on guard throughout the night. Today we received 4 new children.