#244 our story

I just came from the new dialysis building & we are desperate for plumbers, carpenters & electricians. I am asking everyone to pray for a financial miracle. I believe that the Lord can send a million dollars so we can minister to dying children.

Jim, Kate, Christine and Angie went to a weekend mission conference.

The new boy that arrived has been beaten & tortured so badly by his family that he looks like a slave. He hugged Josue (who cried) and said “No one will hit me here”.

The rest of the mural

4/28-31/2000. We flew to the states for a few days. Our adopted children had a birthday celebration for Dottie’s birthday. We bought $2500 worth of shoes and during these 3 days visited Dottie’s family in Arkansas.

5/1. We received 8 new children. Steve called to tell me the transformer for property exploded when a truck hit the pole.  Praise the Lord we had the barricade up by the baby dorm because the truck that hit the electrical pole also hit the barricade. That is only 12 feet from where the babies were sleeping.

5/2. Carlos N. got so ill he had to be hospitalized. He has pneumonia. Our teenage boys helped Ed and Alicia move into their home in San Cristobal. Over the next few days Dottie & I ministered at South Main Baptist, First Baptist and Mt. Olive Baptist all in Crossett, Ar.

5/5. Dottie & I preached a conference at Wesley Methodist in Sulphur. We would each speak three times in two days. In Guatemala the judge sent a 16 year old who was raped by 3 family members.

5/8. Michelle has been with us on this trip so today we had her appointment with the neurologist in Covington where they did a complete examination of her hydrocephalus. Following this we drove to Gulfport where we had an appointment for Michelle to get gearing aids.

5/9. Dottie went with me to the prison in Leaksville so she was able to meet some of the prisoners with whom I am friends. Would you believe  that three prisoners sponsor children at Casa ? I received a call from Steve telling me that the courts sent a girl who was found hanging by her hair.

5/10. We spoke at Good Shepherd. 5/11. Michelle had an appointment with a pediatrician. She has so many physical as well as mental problems.