#243 our story

The older children who were raised at Casa acted as parents for “family” dinner. This was a super idea.

Mike Sims who just joined our staff has asked for prayer as he has two 10mm kidney stones.

A government agency came three days as they are taking a census of all children’s homes. Seeing if they can help more!

We arrived home last night at 12:05am.

Sebastian has been very ill so has not been able to come in to work this week.

We have had a graduating university art student doing a 6 month practicum here. She has drawn a beautiful mural and taught art classes.


1/2 of the new mural

4/21/2000. Carlos and Polly took the younger girls to a movie while Steve and Sheryl took the younger ones to a different movie.  5/23. We had a sunrise service and the children were so respectful. The two visiting teams left at midday. That had accomplished much of the welding that was necessary. Dottie helped paint the steel and she became ill.

4/24. A day to forget! There was a strike in the city and yet I had to go to purchase building supplies. There were 4000 extra policemen on duty so we had no problems. But coming home the two boys that went with me, Victor and Mario, were hungry. I stopped and bought them a happy meal. I then drove to the bank and while I was in the bank Victor vomited and when Mario saw that he also vomited. I do not suppose that I will use that bank for a while.

4/25. We installed a steel barricade with large pipes filled with concrete. It is in the space between the highway and the baby dorm. 5/26. The strike that was calm two days ago broke out into violence with 19 buses burned. I went in the other direction to Chimaltenango where I ordered ten more sets of bunk beds. A missionary family was driving near our home when they were run off the highway deliberately. They had to be airlifted to Miami but they are not expected to survive.

4/27. John and Sharon’s ministry near Chichicastenango has now grown to over 200 rural pastors. It is an awesome ministry. They have also joined with a medical group from the USA that comes twice a year and performs cleft lip and cleft pallet surgeries. Sharon is working with hundreds of Indian women teaching them motherhood skills.