242b Our story

We left for the airport at 4am only to be told our flight was cancelled. We will arrive in Guatemala at 11pm. The sad thing is that today is our special needs child’s birthday & we had a party planned. She was told we would be there at noon. 6 hour layover in Lake Charles & another 7 hours in Houston.

We did receive a new child. PTL!

I am sending this early bcause we are stuck in the airport. Pray we can get home tonight. The weather here is terrible.

Would you believe Michelle is 25


4/15/2000.  Fernando, age 5, climbed a tree which is against the rules. He fell to the concrete. Steve drove and I held him trying to keep him from going to sleep. There was a major accident where an 18-wheeler overturned and we could not get by for 3 hours. When we finally got him to the hospital he had become much more alert. They observed him for an hour and then allowed him to go home with us. About an hour after arriving home kids came running to me to tell me that he was in the same tree again.

4/17 Court officials came with paperwork stating I was selling children. The woman bringing the accusations was determined to be a fraud trying to get a child who was here but was not her child. They arrested the woman.

4/18. I was very proud of our older boys. Another missionary was having to pour a concrete slab and had no help. Our boys asked if they could help him. These slabs are poured by hand so it is heavy labor but our boys got the job done. Today we dedicated a church and a pastor’s home. In 6 months we have built 7 churches and one pastor’s home.

4/20. We finally have 3 phase electricity. It cost $6,000. This has taken us 2 full years to get the 3 phase. Carlos took his dorm to Burger King while Dottie and I took 34 younger children for ice cream and David cooked hot dogs for his 60 boys.

4/21 Fourteen children were saved tonight as we celebrated the Lord’s Supper. Intermarriage is rampant in Guatemala. In the villages it is normal. I was talking with one of our teenage girls and she said that she would never get married. When I asked her why she replied, “My father had so many children that with my luck I would marry my brother”. She is a real comedian.