#241 our story

We awoke Monday to extremely cold weather here in south Louisiana.

Today was Dottie’s last shopping day as we will do the majority of our packing tomorrow.

We were able to spend some time with four of our grandsons which was a blessing.

Sebastian is ill since last Friday and needs your prayers.

We received a new little boy.

We were so blessed today as when we went to a restaurant for lunch we ran into Clay and his family from Clarksville, Tn. They have been supporters of Casa for years.

A dentist came to Casa today to examine the staff.

We received word today that friends of Greg are going to help us upgrade our music equipment.

4 of my grandsons with me in Lake Chales

4/1/2000. This was a very long day of laying tile, putting in gutters and working on the rook of the baby dorm.  4/2. The men were exhausted so that worked until noon so they could spend time with the children. Hersey has been doing the music and worship with the children.

4/3 Dottie and I have been trying to get the passport and visa to take Michelle to the USA to see a neurologist about her hydrocephalus. When she was born and her grandfather discovered she had water on the brain he returned her to the hospital putting her on the floor and saying he did not want a monster in his house.

4/4. The teenagers have been grouting the tile that Jerry has laid so that helps him plus the boys feel this is their project also which gives them a sense of pride. Dottie is so happy because we did receive the visa for Michelle so the plan is to take her to a neurologist in Covington, La.

4/5. The Americans went to the ruins in Iximxi while Dottie and I took Alex, age 3, for surgery on his legs. They are almost circular so the surgery consisted of breaking the bones and straightening them. He awoke from the surgery and they allowed me to spend the night with him. Much pain!

4/6. The large and beautiful sign was installed on the highway side of the baby dorm wall. It reads “Casa Para Ninos Alleluya” which means Alleluia Home for Children and there is a beautiful logo with it.

4/7. A group of wild Cajuns arrived from Lafayette, La. Steve and Bob went to the port to escort a container that has an automobile and a tractor. But, of course, there were delays and the men had to stay there overnight. We received a new 14 year old girl who was alone but the paper work had her brothers name on it but he was not in the car with the policemen. I asked where he was and they said when they went to the home to get them the boy was beaten so badly he had a skull fracture so they rook him for surgery.