#240 our story



Dottie and I with Jakelyn who was raised at Casa and now is on staff.


3/21/2000. I have been trying to buy the property next to ours on the Pan American highway but today the owner began to put used cars on it. Debbie received an ugly letter from a sponsor who was complaining they did not hear from their child and threatened to quit supporting him. I only want sponsors who pray daily for their child. Please understand that we have 300 children and only one person, Regina, handling the sponsorships.

3/22. The men hung sheetrock late into the night. The baby dorm canopy is being installed. Chuck preached tonight and a number of children went forward for prayer. David’s blood pressure was incredibly high today so he needs our prayers. I ordered the gutters and tile for the baby dorm.  Dottie and I took Bill and Ann to see one of our churches in Chiqua 2.

3/26. Carlos and Polly arrived from Mississippi pulling a trailer and 7 children. 3/27. The sheet rockers and steel workers left while the tile layers and cabinet builders arrived. God has blessed us with workers from all over the states. Er received 9 children today. They are all siblings.

3/29. Carlos and Polly moved into the Vencedore dorm with the 9-12 year old boys. Our social worker went to a village to get information on new children and no one there spoke Spanish. She had to return and take one of our children to translate the Mayan dialect into Spanish.