#239 our story

We spoke at Happy Hollow and it was great. The Spirit of God just flowed.

David Beam shared with our children in Guatemala. His wife, Damaris, is a professional Christian singer so she ministered in song. I have known them for all of the years we have been in Guatemala. He went to Guatemala following the 1976 earthquake and has been there every since.

The team had a special time with the teenagers at Casa.


3/12/2000. Glendy had an emergency appendectomy. Dr. Buck diagnosed it and went with her to the hospital. Dottie has been suffering back pain so she will see a physician when we go to the states.

3/13. The men began putting the steel siding on the highway side of the baby dorm. One of the visitors fell and broke his wrist so he was taken to the hospital. 3/14 We are a little behind schedule with the construction but every- one is working long hours.

3/15. One group began installing the windows on the baby dorm while another group is laying out the metal for the roof and huge overhang. 3/16. A group og teenagers from Michigan came to perform skits and songs and they were excellent.

3/17. The baby dorm looks great with the windows installed and the roof being installed also. Estela told me she had headaches for weeks so I took her to a vision clinic for glasses. The Human Rights officials brought two little boys who had been severely abused. They had very nice things to say about Casa.

3/18 The work on the baby dorm looks like an army of ants. Groups are putting in the electrical, plumbing, insulation in the walls, stripping the walls for sheetrock and continuing installing the siding.  One of the seminaries in the city sent a number of their students to minister to our children with songs, stories and testimonies. Sixteen of my oldest boys have been saving money to buy soccer uniforms.

3/19. We received 4 new children today making that17 new children in two weeks. The government sent a group of social workers to see our home. They took notes and photographs.  3/20 We received 8 children at 2am and about 5am they brought 2 more.