#238 Our story

Dottie shopped while I read at the camp. Then we had lunch with Kenny.

At home the team had hotdogs for all of the girls.

Be careful when you read my updates. I am taking you through the story of our lives. Someone called to tell us how sorry they were that Dottie’s father had just died. That happened in the year 2000. I need to make it more clear I guess.


3/1/2000. Today the courts sent us 7 children ages 2,4,5,6,7,8 and 12 years old. Then during the night the police brought a 14 year old rape victim. We finally received the medical reports on Otto and he is epileptic. He would live with us into his late teens and then return home where he would pass away. He loved Pastor David.

3/2. Otoniel (10), Reyna (8) & Lelvina(6) arrived and over the years would prove to be one of the most intelligent children we ever had at Casa. Transport workers are on strike so there is no gasoline as well as the fact the electricity is off for the 3rdday. In the evening 5 more children arrived: Ages 2,4,5,8 & 10.

3/5. It doesn’t stop. Three more children ages 3,10 & 15! Their parents were murdered. The government fired every worker in customs leadership which means that I no longer know anyone in those offices.

3/7. Bob B. has a group here from Mississippi working on his little house. Dr. Buck arrived to help us in our clinic for 2 weeks. Sheryl is ill and worn down as she has the baby dorm but also the kitchen responsibilities. I believe that we will ask each visiting team to bring a cook.

3/10 The two 40 foot containers arrived at 5am.  The kids jumped out of bed and we had the containers emptied by 8am. A government official came to oversee us unload to be sure we only had construction material. Darryl and his team had a service for our staff and it was refreshing.