#237 our story

There was a hot dog roast for all of the boys given by Adam and a team staying with him.

Mike F. has been at the house presenting two programs to Josue’ and his team. First they are working on the finances and secondly they are looking at how to make the web site more effective.

Dottie and I are at Mark & Gina’s camp in Lake Charles.

Sunday at 10am we be at Happy Hollow Holiness Church in Ville Platte/Turkey Creek area.

The baby dorm had a “little” store to raise money.


2/16/2000. Dottie & I finally had time to celebrate our wedding anniversary 6 days late. Steve an I went the palace to check on the 5 containers being shipped and the First Lady asked if she could come visit Casa. A new boy, Wyllder, has been having nightmares. His brother was shot to death in front of him and he relives that event every night.

2/18. I spent most of the day doing paper work on the numerous children we received over the last 30 days. The teenagers are putting together a program for the First Lady. A pastor for whom we had built a church came to tell me his 7 year old son had died. He asked if we could pay for the funeral ($100) and I preach the service. In memory of my father-in-law I would like to build 10 churches this year. This week we began building 3 in Aldea Nueva Esperanza, Aldea Palama Poaquil and in Nueva Jersalen.

2/20. Three containers arrived at 10:30am with lumber, sheet rock, steel and plywood. We had them all unloaded an the items where they belonged by 5pm. The 4thcontainer would arrive on 2/22. This one had plumbing supplies. Dottie and I took the 6thgraders out for lunch.

2/25. We did not have electricity the last 3 days. But just in time the problem was fixed as 7 welders from Alabama will arrive tomorrow. We went and ordered all of the appliances for the baby dorm kitchen. The First Lady called and asked if she can come in April to dedicate the baby dorm.

2/27 We ordered all of the new beds and mattresses for the baby dorm. Herb and 10 of our oldest boys began painting the 150 steel beams to be used for the baby dorm canopies and other projects. The baby dorm will have 4 bedrooms for children, 3 classrooms for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten, a commercial kitchen and a commercial laundry.