#236 our story

Greg and Kellie took all of the administration staff out to lunch.

Today is The Day of Friendship in Guatemala so the children are exchanging cards and hopefully doing kind things for one another. Dottie spoke with Gladys and she said that Michelle is having far more seizures than normal.

I worked on updates as well as sermons as we have one week left on our trip.

Georgie & Cristine took Michelle, Adela & Gladys to lunch. Michelle’s results from her neurological exam was good so we need to find the cause of the seizures.


The administration staff



2/1/2000. What a day! We received one year old, a 15 month old, a two year old and a 5 year old. The mother of three of the children told me that she was pregnant at age 12. She is now 18.

2/2 Dottie and I flew to Houston to participate in a missionary conference at the Woodlands  UMC. We will stay with Earl & Pat. The police brought another one year child to Casa. She weighs 14 pounds.

2/4 Dottie and I had multiple speaking engagements. Back in Guatemala the courts sent us another one year old. Jim arrived from Pennsylvania where he has a home for abused children. His team is here to help with the painting. Chester had an emergency appendectomy.

2/5 The team laid floor tile. A mother kidnapped her child from Casa but someone who lives near her in Chimaltenango saw her loading furniture in a truck. She was trying to get away but we were able to go there and get the child. 2/7 A medical team from Ohio arrived and we had a clinic for the folks in out area. Hundreds came!

2/8 The Ohio team presented a puppet show for the children. Due to construction of the Pan American highway that runs right by our front gate the telephone lines are still down. All communication between us and the states is done on Sunday afternoons at a pay phone in a hotel in Guatemala City.