#235 our story

We shopped for vitamins and food that we cannot purchase in Guatemala.

We received a new girl today. I am grateful that the courts are sending us children


Dottie and Linda

1/14. The electricity went off at noon and did not come back on until after midnight. This slowed the men down but they shifted over to work on the sewer system for Carlos’s house.

1/15 We are working off of a generator as the electricity went off again.        1/16 We took the team to the airport and they flew out just before one of the volcanos began spewing ash closing down the airport. At 1pm the electricity came back on for good.

1/17. School began and immediately we had to add a third third grade. Rose had an emergency appendectomy.  1/20. Herb and Linda arrived tonight but the airlines had lost all of their luggage. This was the first year that school supplies costs us more than $20,000. Of course, this would grow every year.

1/21. One of the kids saw an 11 year old boy run away and they chased him down. When asked why he ran he said that 2 little boys had run away and he was looking for them. We gathered up all of the children for a head count and sure enough two were missing so I sent the kids out to look for them. Soon one boy came to tell me that one of the younger boys was asleep under his bed. The other child was with our psychologist. So the 11 year olds excuse was exposed.

1/24. Steve removed his bandages and all of the children wanted to see “where his finger use to be”. Six children woke up with the mumps. Probably all the kids will catch the mumps quickly and we can get it over quickly. So I had them all drink from the same glass.

1/27. There is a Korean factory not far from our home and today a group of them came to serve lunch to all of the children. Later the Korean pastor of the Korean church would visit us and then have Dottie and our family to his home for dinner. As a side note his wife attended college in China and in the history of that university she remains as the number 3 student ever. But she was a gracias hostess.