#233 our story

Jim preached for me yesterday in Guatemala.

During the night we received a new 16 year-old girl.

We drove from DeQueen, Ar to Fayetteville in a driving rain storm. But we arrived and immediately went to see Linda in the living facility. We spent the night with our niece, Amy. We will leave early tomorrow to begin driving back to Lake Charles.

Dottie and Linda

Would you believe that we have had teams from La., Ark., Tenn, Ms, Mo, Tx, Ok, NY, Fl, NC, SC, Alabama, Ws, Ky, Ga, Col, Md, Ohio, a, W.Va, Cal, Maine, Ky, Ind, Ill  and Minnesota as well as Canada, Switzerland, Peru, England, Norway, the Virgin Islands visit us in the last 5 years? I never could have dreamed that this would happen.

1/1/2000 Well the new century began and there were no world wide Y2K problems. However, on January 2 Dottie’s father passed away. He was the man who led me to Jesus and changed my life forever. We were called at 5:45am and were on the airplane for Houston at noon. Debbie met us with a car and we began our drive to Crossett, Arkansas.  All of Dottie’s brothers and sisters also arrived.

1/4/2000. Fifty years ago in 1950 Dottie’s father built First Baptist church and a time capsule was placed in the corner stone. So today we opened the capsule and all of Dottie’s family had each placed an item in it. I could tell just by looking at them that each person had that date in memory.

1/5 The funeral was massive. Dottie’s father was so well known having preached for over 70 years, authored two books and taught college extension classes. The day was filled with happy thoughts and memories. His love for me was what put me on the path of ministry.

1/6 Drove to Baton Rouge to see my family. You may recall that Zoila’s mother had died from cancer a few months ago. Steve called to tell me her father had just passed away. I felt so bad not being there to help her through the trial.Two women from Norway arrived to help for three months. The children had a prayer, praise and preaching vigil until midnight in memory of Dottie’s father.