#232 Our story

56 years ago today Dottie and I were married in her living room with her parents, my father, Dottie’s sister & brother-in-law. I cannot imagine where all the years have gone.

We arrived last Monday to 84 degree weather and now it is in the 30s in N. Arkansas.

There were family members, old classmates & even my first boss (age 92) at church today.

Dottie and I with Dr.Hines

12/18. Dottie & I took some of the older boys to Quiche to give their testimonies at a youth rally. While we were gone a group of older boys volunteered to dig a trench and lay pipe for the vo-tech building as well as Bob’s house.

12/19 We took our choir to sing at a church in the city. Three of our boys stayed in Quiche yesterday and preached at the church this morning.

12/20 During the night I was called about a young girl having been raped in Tecpan and the family wanted me to go get her. When I arrived I went to the police and they were too scared to go with me to the girl’s house. They waited for backup and then we went and I brought the 11 year old girl to Casa. Eddy, our social worker, wrote the report and the father was arrested.

12/21 A Cuban airplane over ran the runway and crashed killing 26 passengers. The older boys helped us as we made a candy bag for all of the children for Christmas.  12/23 Our women began cooking the 40 turkeys for Christmas dinner.

12/24 We give each child a nice gift and then a lot of gifts that are cheap. Today we passed out 3000 gifts. We do it by each gift having a number and not a name because placing them by name takes too much time. We draw a square and put the number on the square and then the kids place the gift with that number. Then each child finds his number and I say “OK” and the wrapping paper begins to fly.

12/25 Had the Lord’s Supper early and then the staff rested.

12/28 was an important date. We received three children. Today, 2018, the boy, Kevin, just finished his first year of medical school and one of his sisters, Estella, is married and ministers in her church. Her husband is a deacon.

12/29 We took 70 children to the movies.