#229 Our story

We left Baton Rouge and drove to see my other sister, Charlotte and husband Wayne, in Opelousas. It is hard to believe that we three siblings are 75, 74 and 71 years old.

We will be sharing at Bayou Rouge Baptist Church in Evergreen, La. this Sunday as 11am.

Ana Gabriel was raised at Casa and has worked as a cook for years.

11/12 A team from Mississippi is here and they are hosting an Olympics. What is so neat is that every child will participate. Each of 6 teams will have children matched against one another by age and the scores will be just as important as the teens. It was awesome to see teenagers screaming and encouraging the 4 year old on their team.

11/13. We sent two sets of soccer teams in three age groups 6-7, 8-10 & 11-12. They all reached the finals in their age group so we won all the first and second places.

11/15 Another group arrived to host a VBS. They are from Indiana. We love it that the children are receiving so much of the Word. Today I enrolled our first two college students. They are Sebastian and Fernando. Also I enrolled 37 in high school in San Bartolome’; 14 were enrolled in Guatemala City and another 3 in college prep.

11/17. We had a badminton and also a checker tournament. Jack & Savela arrived from Illinois. VINE International stopped to give us 6 months of vitamins for all of the children.

11/19 The US Air Force donated 45 used computers to our school. All of our commodes, sinks and drains began backing up with sewage. The men began digging and following the pipe to the highway. We dug down 9 feet before we found the problem. Somehow someone had force a broom handle in the sewer line. But not only that! There was 8 feet of hose as well as a dozen avocados.

11/23 Estella was the number one student at her school in the city. She would love to attend college in the USA. Brenda was a woman who has helped us in Guatemala all these years. She was killed in an auto accident. She will be missed.