#228 our story

Josue’ began paying the university tuition for February.

The water pump has finally been fixed.

Greg and Kellie have jumped in and will be giving days of relief to the dorm parents. The first couple to be blessed was Fernando and Anna in Esperanza down.

We did some shopping with my sister and caught up on the family news. It was a most relaxing day.

We worked on correspondence to those who helped with the water pump replacement.

I also followed the football national signing day for LSU.

My sister has done a family research and it goes back to the early 1600s. So incredibly interesting!

I had a wonderful phone conversation with Robert Starnes who worked at the US Embassy in Guatemala when Dottie & I first went to Guatemala. He & his wife, Pam, helped us & even kept children for us when we traveled to the states. He is now retired from the secret service & writing his memoirs.

Many of you know Gabb and what an awesome person she is despite her handicap.

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10/21 We went to customs and they told us they misplaced our container. Now remember that is an 18 wheeler. When I went to the dining hall at 5am for prayer with the kids the glass door was shattered. Sebastian had run through it in the dark. It took nearly 50 stitches to fix him. In the PM Ana fell and she required 10 stitches. I had to take Magali for an emergency appendectomy.

10/23. We were able to take down the army tent for women now that we have room for the women in dorms. The men are still in the tent. Jerry & Glen arrived to finalize plans for the baby dorm and the projects for the year 2000. I went to see the First Lady with two photo albums and drawings from the kids to thank her for what she has done for us the last 3 years.

We have been so blessed that we were able to donate dozens of beds and mattresses to another ministry. God has been good to us as we now have 26 staff members.

10/29 One of the outreach ministries God has blessed us with is donating motorcycles to pastors. Many of the Indian pastors have 2 to 4 churches and have to walk from one to the other. Motorcycles make it so much better as well as safe.

10/30 Melvin & Mark began setting up a new computer for me so I can email. Chris and her Mississippi group arrived and will be hosting a VBS for the children.

11/3 Melvin, my pastor, taught my discipleship class and the teens loved his folksy way of sharing the Word. Today was graduation in the school in San Bartolome and Jorge was the valedictorian. There were two other speakers & they were Billy and Priscilla so all of the academic honors went to our children.

11/4 The courts sent us a child that was as physically abused as any I have seen. The father even twisted her foot almost backwards and she was also covered with bruises. Glenda fell out of bed and broke her collar bone.

11/5 The group finished the VBS. Melvin went with John & Sharon to see their ministry in Chichi. 11/10 The foundation for the baby dorm is completed.