#225 our story

The team had a birthday party for all of the girls in Estrelitas, Esperanza, Doncillas and the university dorm.

Dottie and I packed & gave instructions to various workers. Dottie has 7 boys who help her in her garden.

Greg & Kellie arrived  from Nevada.

I shared with the children this morning that I have had a hard time to adjusting since “retirement” & I needed a hug. Every child and most of the adults came forward and have me a hug.

Mario has been here for 28 years while Josue has been here 30 years.


8/15 was Christmas in August as the teams separated 1100 gifts & began wrapping them. Of course most of the gifts are small and cheap but we want the children to have a few each to open.

8/16. Mariella, age 11, arrived today with her family. Today, 2018, she is married to Mario and they have two children and are dorm parents. Talin broke his hand.

8/23. Jerry C arrived and he went with Dottie and I to the office of the President of Guatemala’s wife. She was very kind to us and signed off on the container we have been waiting for. We received a little girl age 9 who wears clothes for a 4 year old. Jerry and Steve worked on the design for the baby dorm.

8/24 We received another 9 year old and this one wears size 5 clothes. The Human Rights agencies are looking for these malnourished children to send to us. John and Francis tied in the sewer lines on the new dorm so that is a huge step. Two teams are here with one laying tile and the other completing the bathrooms.