#223 our story

Our staff and the visitors have worked so hard to get the apartments in good shape for Greg and Kellie. But the volcano Fuego that had erupted only a few months ago began spewing ash so some airlines refused to fly into Guatemala. American Airlines did not come so Greg & Kellie are stuck in Dallas until Sunday. The ash has reached a height of 15,000 feet.

However, our visitors were able to have more time to paint the apartment and add shelving.

Dottie and I began packing for our trip on Monday.

One team had pizza for the girls in Esperanza. One team went to Anigua & the other on an outreach with Helmar.

Dottie and I were blown away by a surprise 30th anniversary party by all the staff. February 2nd, 1989 we drove into Guatemala.

Our son Orlando
Volcano Fuego at night

7/20/99. Rachel and Kim made sundaes for the girls. Steve and some of the older boys painted their new apartment. A team from Patterson, La. arrived and would help us to clean the property where we will build the baby dorm. Some of the team began putting siding on the new dorm.

7/23. A group of older boys formed an organization while I was in the states. They call it Alpha and Omega with Billy as president. Billy is still at Casa on staff now on December 1, 2018 as are Sebastian and Fernando. What the boys arranged was a day of fasting followed by an all night prayer vigil. It is no surprise that a number of children got saved at that meeting.

7/24 Dottie and I took 75 children to what is called Interfair. They loved it and we had a blessed day. However there was bad news. The government is widening the highway in front of our home. They tore up the road and cut the telephone lines. Then today the Mexican contractor and his men just walked away from the project. The Guatemalan government is frantically looking for a contractor large enough for such a project.

7/25. Two mothers with infants(4 and 10 months) came and left the babies at the gate, rang the bell and ran. We took the babies to court and after receiving permission to keep them we took them to a pediatrician for a check-up. Both are fine.

7/26. An 18-wheeler hit my van. No children were with me. He tried to drive away but I jumped in his cab until the police came. They made him go with us to a repair shop where he had to pay in cash to fix my van.