#222 our story

The teams worked so hard. They painted, cleaned and fixed up the apartment. Some of them raked leaves and helped Dottie. Christine and Oscar continue to buy the items we need for the new apartment.

I gave my testimony to the groups.

Greg and Kellie did not arrive on the night flight because the volcano, Fuego, began sending ash into the sky and American Airlines cancelled their flight.

I was just sent a photograph of one of our children who was adopted many years ago. She is a beautiful 27 years old.


A mural being drawn on the baby dorm by an art student

July 1999: We had a breakout of measles that lasted 3 weeks and infected over 50 children in the baby dorm. The Ohio team had a birthday party for all of the children. They had hamburgers, etc. And each child received a gift.

7/1 Zoila and Nancy’s mother died from stomach cancer. Arnulfo’s mother came to tell him that she never wanted to see him again. He was so heartbroken that he ran away. We were able to find him. The words spoken to a child can be devastating.

Dottie & I are in Mississippi where I am speaking at the prison in Leaksville. A group arrived at Casa and immediately began putting up walls on the new dorm.

7/4 It was pouring down rain so the team had sparklers and an indoor picnic for the children to celebrate July 4thwhich of course is not a Guatemalan holiday.   7/6 Dottie and I purchased 400 pairs of shoes in Gulfport and will ship them to Casa.

7/8 Pam is teaching Regina how to do the sponsorships. The property we were about tom pay $65,000 for was repossessed by the bank. The bank called me and said they would sell it to me cheaper.  Anna fell and broke some teeth.

7/11 Today is my birthday and Guatemala had a 6.9 earthquake. It was right off shore so had little affect on us.

7/19 Steve and Pam began moving their furniture to Antigua. Ed and his new wife, Alicia, have moved to Guatemala City where he has a job. The Osbornes took the older girls to dinner and Missy took her group of little boys for a treat.