#221 our story

Jeny, who came to Casa as a baby, has need of your prayers. Her brother was killed when he left Casa 5 years ago & now her mother is on her death bed. Georgie drove her to the village where the family lives.

One team went on an outreach with Adam & the other team is stilling painting & cleaning the apartment for Greg.


6/14/99. Dottie and I flew home to the states and were so exhausted that we were in bed by 7pm. The following day we spoke at a Kiwana’s  Club gave us a check for $5000 which allowed us to immediately begin buying Christmas gifts to be shipped to Guatemala.

6/16 Our daughter, Liz, arrived from Waco to visit us and to see her birth mother who is ill. We had a physical done and then spoke at a second Kiwana Club. In the evening we spent time with our son Chad and his family. The most difficult part of missionary work is the separation from family.

6/18. Our elementary school took a eek off so that the visitors could remove the roof and install a new one. The problem was that so many avocados fell on the roof that it was leaking. Dottie counted 55 avocado trees which is one huge amount of guacamole. Byron fell through the roof and broke his hand.

6/19 We have already visited 7 Christian book stores. 6/20 we ministered at Word of Life in Patterson in the morning and then drove to Zachery where we shared a Interfaith Christian Assembly.

6/27 I was purchasing 30 pairs of shoes at a Walmart and the cashier asked why we were getting so many. When I told her about Casa she found the manager and they gave us 100 pairs of shoes free.

6/30/99 was a day I will never forget I was called by a Catholic nun who was the chaplain at the prison in Leakesville, Ms. She told me that she listened to me on the radio and asked me to come speak to the prisoners.

As I sat there while the prisoners entered I had no idea what to say. I just asked God to fill my mouth when I opened it. Sitting on the front row in shackles was man over 300 pounds. When I opened my mouth I heard my voice say, “I have over 300 children in my home in Guatemala who are there for the same reason most of you are here. They do not have a father’s love.

The large man leaped to his feet and guards converged on him. He cried out, “Please hold me”. He just hovered over me while I held him and prayed for him. When he moved there was a line of men wanting to be hugged. The nun called the warden to get permission for more time. I hugged and prayed for so many men that night.

6/30. I spoke at Good Shepherd and then we drove to Lake Charles to prepare to return to Guatemala