#220 our story

Greg & Kellie are arriving in two days & they will be “floaters” allowing house parents to have a day off here & there.

The Va. Team is preparing their apartment. They are painting, installing a sink an commode & cleaning.  A team arrived from Pennsylvania.


May 31,1999. The owner of the property behind us said that he wanted $110,000 for it. Later he told me that his wife had told him, “That is not right. God is with those people”. He cut the price by $50,000.

6/1/99. I hired a new psychologist today so that added to our new social worker is just what we need. Our daughter, Michelle, who is hydrocephalic had scans done of her brain and the stint. Wayne and Chuck brought team and they poured concrete until 10pm. It is the foundation for the new boy’s dorm. Bill and Donny’s group arrived and they immediately began hanging sheet rock in the second dorm we are building.

6/6/99. I was awakened at 3am and informed that six boys had run away. Of course it was dark but we were able to find three of them before dawn and then the other three 4 hours later. I asked them why they ran and they said it was a game of dare. In the afternoon a mother who was just released from prison and had no place to live convinced a judge that he should give her the three children so they could work. The judge agreed!

6/9/99 My pastor, Melvin, arrived with a VBS team who will minister to the children this week. I took Melvin to see the new church that we built in Ojerbakal and we got stuck when our van slid off the road. It was raining cats and dogs.

6/10/99 We paid the $65,000 for the property and will begin construction of a new school as soon as possible.