#219 our story

We took Michelle to give more blood. She struggles so much and no one can seem to diagnose it.

Kathleen is taking the responsibility for the school supplies. Her email address is thompsonks01@msn.com. She asked that I share with you that we have sufficient pencils, crayons, rulers, red pens, pencil top erasers but can use some multiplication flash cards. If you will contact her before coming to Casa she can tell you what we need.

Lou and his team from Virginia arrived.



5/12/99 A German businessman was in our village, San Bartolome’, when he pulled out a wad of money & passed it out to children. During the night he was robbed and shot to death. A seminary asked if they could send divinity students to come and teach our children. Of course I said yes.

5/16/99 Regina has taken on the job of writing the sponsor letters with the children.  5/18 was a busy day. I took 5 children to court and lugged them around with me as I had to go to 4 different banks to get the automobile tags.

5/21. A young man, Josh, who has helped us for awhile talked with one of the medical schools about studying medicine. The out-of-country tuition was so large that Josh left today to study medicine in Illinois with the idea of returning to Casa in a few days. Unfortunantly Josh would eventually graduate but never returned to Guatemala. He was such a great young man.

5/22/99 I had all the children gather together to take a foto that we will use on a Christmas card and individual photos for sponsors. Our church from Chimaltenango came and brought supper for everyone. Priscilla and Jakelyn sang in a gathering of 4 towns and won first place.

5/25. Some of our older boys worked side-by-side with the Americans to put up trusses on the new building. The government called to tell me that we needed to hire a full time psychologist due to our population. Some officials from our local village came to warn us about going at the same time each week to buy bread, etc. They told us that they heard known gang members talking and so they were suggesting that I stagger my trips.

5/27. I purchased 40,000 adoquin paving blocks because the dust when it is dry and the mud when it is wet has just been unbearable.