#218 our story

We had visitation for the parents in the morning so Bible was in the evening.

Our boys are in a soccer league in the afternoon but they (the league officials)were kind enough to play in the morning so as not to affect our boys having church.

One of the babies is sick so was taken to the hospital.

Playing in the dirt


5/1. We received word today that we can purchase the property to build a baby dorm for $32,000. So I had all of the children pray for a financial miracle. The group left this morning. Due to the fact that the container did not arrive with the steel they still worked on other projects. I took Zoila and Nancy to see their mother who is dying with cancer. Little did I know but that would be the last time they would see her alive.

5/3. In front of our home we have allowed a lady to have a small store where she sells groceries. The highway department came to tell her that she would have to move the store because they were widening the highway. She went and brought her husband who began screaming and fighting with the authorities and simply fell dead.

5/4. Visitors are still staying in the two army tents we received from Fort Campbell Tn. Today we moved the tent for women up next to my house where 26 little boys will live until their dorm is completed. The female visitors will stay in one of the girl’s dorms. It is amazing to me as to how many visitors we have housed who have such great attitudes about the facilities.

5/6 We finally are fully entrenched in the new dining hall. Everything is finished so the children love it. 5/8. We rented a space in Guatemala City where we began storing Christmas gifts. Although it is only May it will take months to wrap the gifts. We will take 8 girls to wrap boy’s gifts and then 8 boys to wrap for the girls.

5/9. Dottie had to attend 4 Mother’s Day parties at the 4 different schools where we send children. A friend from Atlanta sent us a cellular phone. We have gone every Sunday afternoon for years to use a public phone in a hotel in Guatemala City.