#217 our story

A very quiet day. I believe that the children are worn out from school. They eat breakfast at 6am and school begins at 7am so their days start very early.

One of our visitors who is adept at construction went back home and wrote up a list of jobs we need done here and the list was 6 pages long. I wish that I knew more about maintenance.


4/19/99. In these days we can build a decent rural church for $4000. We hire one brick layer and then each member of the church works one day a week to assist him. We received word today that Dottie’s father has taken a turn for the worst and is in and out of a coma. He is 93.

4/19. Thieves stole nearly ½ mile of electric wiring on the highway in front of our property. Se we will run with the generator until new lines are installed. A church group from Santa Catarina came and offered me their church property and building for $600. So I immediately purchased it and we began looking for a pastor.

4/22 We bought 55 bunk beds, mattresses and pillows for the new dormitory for boys. I received a call from customs and they informed me that I needed to pay $3000 for the container. So I went to their office and handed them $3000. The gentleman said that was too much so $500 would be sufficient. I have him $500 and he gave me $200 back. God loves to show Himself strong.

4/23. I did a live radio show on WAOY in Biloxi, Mississippi. We would stay on that station until hurricane Katrina destroyed it. Bill, Glenn and a group from La, Ms, and Tn arrived and immediately began working on the steel framing for the second floor of an existing dorm making it two levels. Teve & Pam have not had a break since Christmas so they went to Cancun for a week.

4/27. Dottie’s 56thbirthday. She received hundreds of cards and hugs.