#216 our story

I cannot believe that I have been telling our story on face book and just wrote #216. I am not yet to the year 2000.

What wonderful memories Dottie and I have. February 10thwill be our 56thanniversary. The years have passed swiftly but the blessings continue to pile up.

Steve Osborn dropped by & it was great to see him. He brought Fernando & Nicole who have grown up since living here years ago.


4/16/99. Thom and his Tennessee crew began the steel framing on the vo-tech school. Jerry is tiling showers. Dr. Herman brought a medical team from Atlanta to check the children.

4/18. We finished construction of the two churches in Chiqua II and Hacienda Maria so we are gathering the materials to construct two new churches in Guatalon and Rio Bravo which is the hottest part of Guatemala. This area produces bananas, mangos and coconuts.

An unbelievable story concerns the new church in Hacienda Maria. Pastor Jose’ in Puaquil came to me a year ago and introduced me to one man. This man was the only Christian in Hacienda Maria. He asked if I would build a church and I told him that it didn’t seem necessary. But he begged me and the Holy Spirit moved me to say yes.

We bought the property and built the church. The night of the dedication of the church there were over 300 people in attendance that this pastor had led to the Lord in those 10 months. To me it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Within two years we would build a second church 5 miles away due to the large number of Mayans that had received Christ. The pastor would walk from one church to the other to minister 4 times a week. So we purchased him a motorcycle. God is so awesome! The second village is Santo Pacto.