#215 our story

Yesterday I put a photograph of a pastor in front of his adobe church. Well we began today building him a new block church. For about $6000 we can build him a church. Just any love gift would help us get it done quickly.. It is located in Xepac near Tepan.

Josue’ has been getting all of the college students enrolled and getting the lists of textbooks and school supplies.

We have February 17thopen to preach anywhere from S. Louisiana to Fayetteville, Ark.

Some of the folks in Xepac where we will build the church


4/5/99. We received a 13 year old girl a few years ago who had been sexually abused by her father. One night when the father was abusing her the mother hit the father with a chair. He jumped up and hit her with a machete and she was immediately paralyzed from the waist down.

The courts sent her to us and she was so emotionally affected that she could not even be graded in school. But then she gave her life to Christ and she became a good student. She was able to do two grades per year and when she graduated she studied accounting. Today, 11-19-2018, she is married to a wonderful Christian and they have 2 children.

With this many children when one catches the measles a number of kids wake up with it also. Today we have over 50 children with chicken pocks. Steve and Sheryl took 12 teenagers to the beach.

4/12 Steve went to court while I went to customs. In the evening Dottie and I went to Estella’s school as she was receiving awards as the student with the highest scores as well as recognition as the model high school senior.

In 1990 we received two children, Evelyn and Victor, who were diagnosed as mentally retarded. In time this would prove false and both of them would finish high school. But here it is 10 years later and the mother who has never visited them asked the courts if they could return to her and go to work. Wisely the judge said no.

4/14. Intruders tried to come over the wall but Luis and the dogs saw them and with a few blasts from the shotgun and the attacking by two Dobermans the men escaped.

4/15. It was on this date that Quique would arrive at Casa. He is Josue and Oscar’s first cousin. His mother died in labor. In 2018 Quique is a student in the university. On this day the staff rounded up 163 of our children and walked them to the health department in San Bartolome’ for vaccinations.