#214 our story

The demonstrations in Chimaltenango make it difficult for our teachers to get to work on time. Our school classes begin at 7am so some of our staff from Tecpan and Poaquil have to leave home at before 5am. These particular demonstrations where they block the highway are due to anti-tax reform.

It has been a few days passed six months since I “retired”. I believe that I have done fairly well in not interfering in the decisions Josue’ has made. Sebastian, Oscar, Billy, Aroldo and the other Guatemalan children have supported Josue’.

We have had such a large turnover of American staff but I believe that the new American staff members have done an excellent job of standing in the gap & helping us. When you think of the folks we lost last year (Walt & Randi, Brandi, Gretchen, Lee and Candy) it is overwhelming.

However the new folks(Mike and Amber, Don and Lizzi,  Christina and Georgie) have just been so willing to serve and love the children. So I am trying my best to just stand back and watch God use them.

An adobe church with the pastor and his family.

3/22/99. Today we received our new signs for the walls on the highway. We also received signs for Estrlitas, Esperanza and Doncillas. Steve and Ed got the second commercial washer installed.

I had to take Glendi & Floridalma to court to testify that their high school teacher in San Bartolome hit a child in the face.

3/23 we are grandparents again. Our daughter, Becky, had a girl, Hannah. We were also blessed today when the customs office contacted us to tell us that our container from Gulf Port had arrived. It is loaded with items for every dorm. I went and bought 800 bags of cement to complete pouring the floor on the back property.

3/24 Becky called to tell us that she and her husband will be coming in May to show us the baby. It was an awesome day. The steel arrived for the new buildings. Ed’s mother and sister arrived for his and Alicia’s wedding. I worked on the Christmas list and it is not easy. We have 7 Jonathans; 5 Yacelins; 4 Jennifers and 13 groups of 3 with the same name.

Eventually we would have 29 boys named Carlos. W had to name them Carlos 1, Carlos 2 etc. Once when I took a Carlos to court the nurse asked his name and he answered Carlos Nine.

Eric 3 fell off a swing and dislocated his arm. It is truly a blessing that we have so few accidents.

Remember the infant Luz? Well she is now 8 months old and we arrived an 8 month old little boy named Walter. Dottie is keeping them in out bedroom so now we have twins.