#213 our story

A 19 year old female gang member entered a bus with a bomb & another lady saw it and pushed her out the bus where the bomb exploded and blew off her hands. Seven others were hurt but no deaths. It was an initiation for the gang Salavadore 18.

Yesterday our teachers were late because there were demonstrations blocking highways which is legal in Guatemala. In a demonstration in Xela a baby died because the demonstrators would not let the ambulance pass.


3/13/99. The children love to help the visitors so they stay right by their side. Dennis and Peaches arrived today. He is pastor of 1stBaptist in my hometown but before that he was a missionary for 12 years in Peru. His first wife was killed when an airplane she was flying crashed into a mountain. Obviously he speaks perfect Spanish so he preached for me.

The electric company came and installed 3-phase and gave us 3 transformers. But during the night thieves cut the razor wire and stole a welding machine, pneumatic drills as well as a dozen other items. So I took Luis to get a gun permit and then we bought a shotgun and pistol.  He will be a night guard for us.

3/18/99 Steve and Pam signed papers purchasing their new property. They are stepping out in faith to have a childrens home and school. Today, nearly 20 years later, they have a blessed ministry. We prayed that Steve and Pam as well as John and Sharon would be just the beginning of ministries to be born at Casa.

We poured the concrete foundation for the vo-tech school. We mixed 100 bags of cement with sand and rocks by hand. A reporter from the American Press in Lake Charles, La arrived yesterday to write an article on Casa. She actually went to court with me so she could include that in her article.