#212 our story

The weather has been so cold the last two days.

Mike & Amber took their son to the Christian school to see if they can enroll him there.

We left early this morning to make the more than 2 hour trip into the city to have blood work tests done on Michelle. Josue drove Michelle, Dottie and myself so I spent the time reading.

We had to get new water filters for the tank coming into my house as well as the dialysis unit.


2/27/99. The electricians are finished. I made radio shows. Today as I type this it is November, 2018 and I am still on the radio daily in Crowley, La.  Dr. Pitts arrived with a medical team from Indiana.

3/1/99 Wayne, Steve, Ray & Curtis left this morning after working so many hours to get our electricity completed. Now we can buy the commercial kitchen equipment as well as the commercial washers and dryers. The new butane tank was installed and the company came to fill it with 850 gallons of butane.

Steve and Pam left because his grandmother was critically ill. She died one hour after they arrived at the hospital there in Kentucky.

The final total for the kitchen and laundry equipment as well as chairs and tables along with all the silverware and all of the new beds, tables, mattresses, pillows, chairs and dressers for the new dorm came to a grand total of $91,176.61. The Fayetteville Arkansas Downtown Rotary Club provided every penny. God is so faithful.

3/8/99 We began ordering and receiving the materials for the foundation if the vo-tech building. We rented a bob cat and began the dirt work.

John & Sharon came to Casa and helped us for two years and then God moved them many miles from here to Quiche where they began working with pregnant women (Sharon is a nurse) and with rural pastors. In time that ministry would reach over 1000. The call from came from two events. First, we received a baby with a cleft lip. She was so malnourished that she died within three hours of arriving. She had starved to death because the mother could not read the instructions on the formula package so did not feed the baby enough.

Then John went to preach in a village to pastors and discovered they could not read. They listened to Christian radio and then repeated what they heard to their congregation. So they developed a program for those two groups and a mighty work evolved.