#211 our story

A special moment today as Hector came and proposed to Gabby. Hector has a wonderful job and Gabby is studying engineering. Dottie and I am so proud of them for waiting until they were financially ready.

One of our guard’s father passed away and the children wanted to help with the funeral. They have such giving hearts. $400!

Hector proposing to Gabby

2/17/99 we grouted the kitchen and dining areas. Steve & Herb built the stage in the new activity building. Cheryl left for a visit to the USA so Dottie replaced her and will be cooking all the meals. Feeding 250 children plus all the visitors is a daunting task. Regina volunteered to cook for the visitors.

We received a 2 year old boy weighing 13 pounds. Linda began feeding him every two hours.

We received a great complement from a judge today. I took 3 children to court and while I was there the police brought an 11 year old to court. She had run away from another home. She said she wanted to live in a family. The judge told her that Casa was like a big family. She came home with us. Years later she would finish her education and got married.

Wayne & his team finished all of the lighting in the activity building. So we decided to have a Jericho march. We are believing that walls of loneliness, walls of abandonment, memories of abandonment and abuse as well as walls of depression, academic problems and emotional problems would fall.

2/24 At 2 am this morning the electricity went off and would not come back on until 3pm. So the gift of the generator we received a few months ago took care of our needs. God is so good. Even better was the fact that we had a prayer time with the children and the Americans and 4 children and one American gave their heart to Jesus