# 210 our story

God has blessed us with the well being repaired. If you want to help us pay for it please send it to Lake Charles with a note as to what it is for. God truly took care of us through the last 3 weeks without the pump on the back property.

Pray for Michelle as her seizures are getting more frequent as well as more intense. We are scheduled to have lab tests done on Monday for a new method of treating her.

Today is Quique’s 20thbirthday. He has lived in our house with Dottie and I since before he was 1 year old.



2/9/99. I was stunned today when the police drove up in a bus with 10 boys ranging in age from 5 – 14. Herb & John began constructing three level bunk beds. Three little girls arrived also so our school will need 13 more desks for tomorrow.

2/12. Tim, our dentist, and his wife, Margaret, arrived today. The judge from Chimaltenango sent 5 more children so Dr. Tim will be looking at many mouths full of teeth.  Gabby fell and broke her femur which required surgery.

2/15 Another 5 children arrived. We have never had so many children arrive in any 15 day period as we have this month. Jerry began laying the tile in the dining area. That building is huge and Jerry was able to get all of the tile donated by Burger King. It totaled 8000 square feet.

2/16 There was a gasoline panic so we rushed all of our vehicles to San Lucas to fill them up. 2/17 the laying of the tile was finished and Jerry is training our older children to grout it. This makes the children feel like it is their project. Dottie fell in love as the courts sent us a 7 month old girl named Luz as well as her siblings ages 2, 3 and 5.

Both Andrew and Jenny began helping us in dorms today. Andrew is Canadian. He would care for the younger boys and actually lived with them in an army tent while we built a new dorm. He & his wife comes to Casa every now and then with his 9 children.