#209 our story

A family situation has occurred so Dottie & I will be traveling to the USA in February & have two Sundays available. February 10th& 17thand can be anywhere from South Louisiana to North Arkansas. Call Debbie if you are interested.

The pump and piping are back in the ground so now we are awaiting the technician to install the electrical panel.

Putting the pipes back into the ground


1/28/99. We received a container from the USA that was loaded with clothing. There was so much we were able to give away over 150 boxes of clothing to Government orphanages. In three days we will celebrate 10 years that Dottie and I have been in Guatemala. We have been blessed to share items that we receive from containers sent from the states. That is really the reason we have had 3 different President’s wives come and visit Casa.

2/1/99 Dottie & I are taking a couple of days off as tomorrow is our 10thanniversary in Guatemala and then February 10this our 36thwedding anniversary. We received 3 new children before we left. They are 5, 8 and 9 years old. The father is an alcoholic and the mother works from 6am until 7pm in the city. The boy’s name is Jonathan giving us 6 Jonathons.

Since we finished building the church in Chiqua we started building one in Hacienda Maria. Both of these churches are located deep in the mountains. Three other pastors are asking for help also. John P from Lafayette arrived today to install the plumbing in the new building.

2/6. This is incredible! There was a knock on my door and when I opened it there was a Catholic priest standing there. He said, “Please forgive me but I cannot stay. I flew in this morning and will flew back this afternoon. I am a pastor of a wealthy Catholic church in South Louisiana. I have listened to you speaking on the radio for years. I have one of the richest churches in Louisiana and the Lord has convicted me through your radio show. I appealed to my authorities and have asked that I have the poorest church in Louisiana. I wanted to stop and tell you that I am going to hold my first mass in the poorest church tomorrow.” We hugged! He cried and left!