#207 our story

Gunther, Billy’s brother, came to show me his college diploma as he graduated as a system engineer. He lived here until he was 18. I applaud his perseverance.

It is official! Dottie and I will not be traveling home for the first time in 25 years. There must be a reason the Lord wants us to not make that trip. Hopefully we will have churches to minister to in September.

Gunther with his diploma caugt Dottie and me in our bed clothes but
I understand his enthsiasm.

1/06/99 the police brought us a little boy who had his head split open by his father with a machete. I met with all of our teachers to prepare for school when we discovered a pipe had broken. While we were repairing that pipe another one broke. But praise God our storage tanks were filled so we fixed everything before running out if water. You cannot imagine having over 200 children and having no water. Cooking, bathing and flushing commodes are hazards. The evening ended with two policemen bringing to young boys & later a social worker brining a 7 month old.

12/7. I had a technician come out to check our propane tank and it will be replaced with a much larger one. We began the day just like we ended last night and that is with the police bringing us 3 young children.

Steve O and I spent the day looking at industrial kitchen equipment and having the technicians come and install the gas lines. Three more children were brought here. Their story was that there was a massacre and their father, grandparents, two uncles, three aunts and 6 cousins were all killed. The three girls were at the market with their mother so they were not injured.

12/11. The government decided to begin school today and we are 32 desks short of what we need. So the men built some small tables while I went and bought chairs.

12/13 was a great day. First, we received a boy named Jorge Luis giving us four boys named Jorge Luis. We were able to buy a new van and Rotary came with the money for the kitchen equipment. We have had a girl, Feeda, from Norway helping us and when she left today Karla from Sweden arrived.